This paper explores how design principles can be applied to current sustainable business model frameworks to support business modelling processes and to enable the building of IT-tools to support BMfS.


Assessing the stakeholder value impacts of sharing economy business models requires distinguishing the many different stakeholders for whom value is created and destroyed, as well as accounting for their particular local contexts.

The overall aim of the symposium is to introduce system perspectives to a wide audience and to use business sustainability as an illustrative context for how the application of systems thinking needs to be strengthened in management research.

Research on ‘business models for sustainability’ (BMfS) is developing very dynamically. But many scholars and also practitioners deal and struggle with the question how to define a BMfS.

Business & Society calls for papers on “Collaborative Cross-Sector Business Models for Sustainability”. Full manuscripts must be submitted until 1st December 2018.

Nearly 120 researchers from more than 20 countries attended the 2nd International Conference on New Business Models. More than 70 presentations in eight sessions as well as four hands-on workshops made this conference a very dynamic and successful event.

The Journal of Business Models calls for papers that take a closer look at theories, concepts, and cases that apply more comprehensive and stakeholder-sensitive notions of value and value creation.