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New research anthology on “Business Models: Strategies, Impacts and Challenges”

A new research anthology published by our blogger Adam Jabłoński. The book contains 19 chapters by nearly 30 authors. It covers topics ranging from technopreneurship to circular and sharing business models.

New Book “Disrupt Together” features Chapter on “Developing Sustainable Business Models” by Nabil Harfoush

One reason to look forward to this year’s Christmas Eve might be the new book “Disrupt Together: How Teams Consistently Innovate” edited by Stephen Spinelli Jr. and Heather McGowan, which will be published on 10th December by Pearson/FT Press. According to Pearson/FT Press, the author team “… covers every facet of innovation, including design processes, team development, ethnography, […]

New SBM blogger Peter Wells on his new book “Business Models for Sustainability”

It is a pleasure to announce that Peter Wells, Professor of Business and Sustainability at Cardiff Business School, joined our team of occasional SBM bloggers. Welcome Peter! Read Peter’s first blog post introducing his new book “Business Models for Sustainability“, the first monograph on this topic. “A brief Internet search under the term ‘sustainable business models’ yields […]

New book on “Business Models for Sustainability” by Peter Wells

Peter Wells, Professor of Business and Sustainability at Cardiff Business School, has written the first monograph ever on “Business Models for Sustainability” (192 pages) which will soon be available via Edward Elgar Publishing. See the publisher’s description here. According to this one very big online bookstore, Business Models for Sustainability will be available from 13th October […]